Friday, July 4, 2008

Another Straight To DVD Gem

Wow, what a find! There is just too much to say about this movie. It covers so many issues. It's about a middle aged single mother, Rosie played by the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer, who falls in love with a much younger man played brilliantly by Paul Rudd, after casting him in her TV show. Rosie is a supervising producer on a hit TV show. The show within the movie is where you'll find Stacy Dash who rarely acts in anything other than a hip-hop music video. But the real gem in this movie and I mean the person with the best lines is Rosie's daughter Izzie played by Saoirse Ronan. The mother daughter relationship is just as big a part of this movie as the love story, which usually doesn't blend well. But it was the magic behind this film. I think my favorite part of this movie was the Britany Spears remix by Izzie it was bril "Oops I got a career by shaking my rear, and making guys leer. O baby baby Oops I'm gonna sing more and dance like a whore, I'm just not talented"!!! Hilarious and towards the end she does another remix with an Alanis Morrisette classic which was just a brilliant.

John Lovitz is great as Rosie's ex-husband, who is stuck in a ridiculous and hopefully an exaggerated mid-life crisis. Meanwhile Izzie seems to be growing up way too fast for Rosie, which apparent in a really cute and awkward scene where Izzie ask Rosie when she could have sex. Paul Rudd's Adam is definitely acting his age at 29 and allows Rosie to let go and breathe when she's with him. Of course some problems ensue and the relationship between Rosie and Adam suffers. Another great performance worth mentioning is the legendary Tracy Ullman as Mother Nature. Mother Nature sort of serves as Rosie's sub-consciousness or what have you. Another thing I really enjoyed about this movie is all the not-so suttle references to pop culture and its horrible effects on our youth. One scene in particular touched me, it takes place in a clothing store where Rosie takes Izzie to get some new jeans. I won't give the whole scene away but it's really sad and you find out that Rosie and Izzie's insecurities come from the same place, but they kinda envy each other. Well I thoroughly enjoyed this film so you probably will too so, check it out!

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