Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sara's The Poo...Take A Big Whiff

Ok, I want to start of by saying I don't think it's necessary to compare Tegan & Sara to each other. But before I really cared about them I said that Tegan was my favorite for poetic reasoning such as "the one with the piercing"! So yeah I was clueless. I think they're both awesome but after two weeks of catching up on all things T & S, I've come to find that I lean more towards Sara. First it was her sense of humor, the chick's hilarious! You guys should really check out their dvds and go on youtube and type in "Tegan & Sara abc interview", after it's over you'll have a feeling of what I'm talking about. Then the more I kept looking at them in all this shit I realized, they really do look different and in my humble opinoin Sara's face is a bit softer and she's a bit cuter...but I know why people find Tegan hotter, she's edgier, people love that! I also like Sara's style of writing better than Tegan's. I love every song they have made but I like the layers in Sara's lyrics. I love their voices equally, I don't think I have a favorite in that area...which is the most important area seeing as how they're singers! So after minor comparisons I still feel good about myself for not saying that one is a better musician than the other:-)
And check my baby Sara out, she can hold her own:

Tegan also collaborated with Against Me! on a track titled "Borne on the FM Waves" but there is no video for that track but, it's awesome. And kudos to both of them for showing that they don't use each other as a crutch and are two separate forces. I think people really needed to see that. I promise this isn't going to turn into a Tegan & Sara fan site...

I'm just SO bored with Gimme Sugar and I have to wait until festival rounds are over to get some peaks at the drool worthy Indie flicks making the circut. So I will be back on top of that soon but I mean really....who's complaining???

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