Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get To Know Lindsey Byrnes!

1. Formal dress, ninja and balloons are not words you expect to see in a photo shoot description (on a beach no less)-unless it involves Amanda Palmer, we've come to expect these things from AFP. However, this was all you. What inspired such an unconventional shoot?

The inspiration for the shoot of course was Amanda Palmer. It really was not and is not ever all me. I like to collaborate and shooting photos is always a collaboration. With some people things just click into place. Amanda is so vivacious she really has the most incredible energy and such a balls to the wall approach to everything. She called me and was like "I am having a beach gig, you wanna shoot it?" And I was like "YES! Tell them all to bring this and that" and that was it. That shoot has actually become a launching pad for a big project that I'm working on with Juxtapoz Magazine. I will be announcing details at a later date and will be sure to let you know

2. Another very interesting project you worked on recently was the "Vans Book". How did you get involved in that? What was that experience like?

I got involved with the Vans book because they were looking for someone who could photo edit the project. I worked for many years for High Speed Productions, Inc. the publisher of Thrasher Magazine. Over the years I have worked with Vans in different ways. Doug Palladini who authored the book, put a lot of trust in me. This was so fun, I feel honored that I was chosen to help. Jeremy Taylor was in charge of the design and working with him was amazing!

3. I love ALL your work! I am particularly fond of your live/action shots. Of course your organized are amazing as well, do you prefer one over the other?

I really don't prefer one over the other. I think that it just depends on my mood. I like shooting live music because I get to capture part of a performance, the musicians know they are being photographed and are happy about that. It also depends on the subject. I like collaborating with the artists. I like shooting photos of people because like people

4. One of my favorite photographers, David Lachapelle, also directs videos. I've known of a few photographers to do this. Is that something you're interested in at all?

I love David LaChapelle's work. He is also one of my favorite photographers. Yes I am very interested in music videos and film! It is hard not to be interested, at the moment I'm trying to stay focussed on what is in front of me and who knows what happens down the road.

5. Your "Mexico" photo album on myspace is beautiful! What are some other places you want to travel to and get some shots of?

I want to travel everywhere. The easier question might be "where don't you want to go?". My whole life I have wanted to travel and see new places and when I am shooting travel photos it is like everything looks like a postcard.

6. Your most recent shots of Tegan & Sara, the monochromatic ones, are my favorite of them! Period! I don't even have anything to ask you about that. Just...DAMN! You're so awesome please do this forever! ok?

Thank you! I appreciate all the encouragement. I think everyone feels insecure and scared at times and then there are those of us who are insecure most of the time...So again, Thank you!

7. If you could go back in time and photograph any legendary band, who would it be?

I would love to have been able to see the Beatles perform, holy crap that would have been insane, and to have been at Woodstock. Okay, so I guess that makes me a hippie at heart... so what?

8. The people would like you to "Twitpic" more. So, I told the people that I would ask you to "Twitpic" more. Lindsey Byrnes, could you please "Twitpic" more???

I really want a new phone, one that has a camera attached, then I would TwitPic all the time. Any suggestions for those of us with out a camera-phone?

9. Any big photo shoots or projects coming up for you soon?

See answer #1

10. That's all I have, but odd numbers make me cringe so here's my random 10th question, another one for the people:
What is your favorite Tegan & Sara song? You can give us a "Top 5" if that's easier!

I have never been one who could answer what my favorite color is let alone a favorite band or song from one of my favorite bands. I can honestly say that I love Tegan and Sara's songwriting and listen to their music all the time. I go through different phases of which song or CD I listen to more...

Photo of Lindsey Byrnes: Windy Tien
Photo of Tegan & Sara: Lindsey Byrnes

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