Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exclusive: An Horse Interview

Yeah, no introduction necessary. One thing I should mention is I didn't know if Kate or Damon would be answering the questions, normally I would reword the questions before posting so they are directed at who's actually answering. However, Kate turns this into something hilarious so I didn't even bother! Enjoy!

How was it finally touring Germany? I know fans had been wanting to see you guys there for a long while now. (hence, #AnHorseForGermany)

Germany was great. A lot of fun and SO much food. The crowds were really appreciative and energetic.

How did the remix EP, Beds Rearranged, come together?

Our label suggested it to us. At first we weren't sold on the idea but we heard a couple of remixes and we really loved them. It was a really fun project. It was really interesting to see what people did with our music.

Do you guys have a release date for the new record? If not, could you tell us about when we could be expecting it?

We are recording it in Vancouver in July/August with Howard Redekopp. We don't have a release date yet. We are super excited to make it!

Though I’ve read this once before, I was wondering if you could tell us what the songwriting process is like. Does Kate write all the lyrics?

I usually write songs quietly in my house and record them. I then send a whole batch to Damon and he goes away and listens to them. Then we get together in a practice room and work on them. I write all the lyrics. Damon sings a few things that he has come up with.

Sonically are you guys moving in a different direction on the new record?

I think you have to develop with every record you make. Damon and I always want to be pushing ourselves sonically. I don't doubt this record will sound different to Beds.

I recently saw footage of Kaki King playing lap steel during a performance of “Little Lungs”. It was pretty amazing. Any chance she’ll appear on the new record?

Umm I don't think so. Maybe? We haven't asked. I am sure if Kaki wants to play or we think there is something she could shred on it would happen but I don't think we could figure that out until we are making the record.

I’m a huge Intercooler fan. Damon, I was wondering if you’re still working with them at all?

No he isn't. Horse is pretty all consuming. (He is watching a movie right now so I had to answer that).

Damon you also had a band called Mary Trembles. I saw a show poster/flyer with both Intercooler and Mary Trembles on the bill for the same night. How was it to play drums for two bands on the same night?

He is still watching the movie! I am pretty sure it was tiring.

You’ve toured with Tegan & Sara, Death Cab, Silversun Pickups, and Telekenisis, to name a few, and are now on tour with Kaki King. Is there any other band/artist you would like to tour with that you haven’t yet?

Yes there are tonnes of bands we would love to tour with. Perhaps too many to list here. I think we can tour with a really diverse range of people. From pop to punk.

What is your favorite record by your favorite band?

Oh that is way too hard! I have lots of favourite records from lots of favourite bands! I couldn't possible name one as my favourite. I have a really eclectic taste so nailing down one album is so hard. I love Kylie and Beyonce and I love Cancer Bats and Fugazi. I love Patti Smith and I love Carol King. See what I mean? Difficult! haha.

Would you ever consider doing a Tegan & Sara cover?

I would consider covering anyone!

Lee (@hoosierforlife) asks: “Why did Kate move to Montreal?”

It seemed like a good idea and it was! I love it.

Katie K (@K8tKp)asks: “Ninja or Pirate?”


Julia (@Julieisntmyname) asks: “When are you coming back to Texas?

Umm we were just there so probably not again until the new record comes out!

thanks janay!
kate xo


photo by: Lindsey Byrnes (@LindseyByrnes)
live footage by: Wojo4hitz (@Wojo4hitz)


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