Thursday, August 28, 2008

YAY! For a GAY Veronica!!!!

So this is a guilty pleasure post! It's not really about much just the new video for The Veronicas' new single "Take Me On The Floor"! I thought I'd have it on my site before the FCC deems it "too hot for tv"!!! Jess is the not-so-open-yet-not-closeted bi-sexual sister in the band who's dating an Austrailian MTV VJ:-) I like the fact that she hasn't been all "Yes I'm gay" or "I'm bi" I mean if you don't have to declare it then that means it's not a big deal...and I'm really tired of homosexuality being a big deal! Like being black is becoming less of a big deal. If these things are not a big deal then they are just normal and we are just equal....enought of that, heres the sexy video!!!!!


Obi Best, or is it Colorforms??? I'm not sure all I know is that I LOVE them! I mean her, Alex Lilly:-) Ok honestly I don't know what's going on I promise unless you know alot about Alex Lilly already then you're going to be really confused by the information on the Myspace pages, the fact that you need read more than one is already confusing enough! I'm going to give you a snippet of Obi Best's Myspace page:

While Alex Lilly's sweet, girl-next-door vocals may have once backed fellow L.A. residents and pop-devouts the Bird and the Bee, her pipes take center stage for solo project Obi Best. And Capades, Lilly's debut album under the moniker, validates her step into the limelight. Under a sprightly, whimsical layer-cake of pianos, synths, and budget drum-machine skitters (provided by a slew of like-minded pals), Lilly's work takes on a circus-esque, twirling quality with its animated, bubbly instrumentation and varied lyrical topics, from lovers to gardens, and beyond. And tracks like the slower, twinkling ballad "Green and White Stripes" and the Stereolab-esque "Blooms Like Flowers" show Lilly's knack for both songwriting and setting an ethereal soundscape. --

When she’s not moonlighting as back-up singer for acclaimed retro-pop group the Bird and the Bee , Alex Lilly is masterminding the fanciful pop of Obi Best. With a cadre of talented LA friends and a sensibility that’s as at home with Stereolab as it is with Prokofiev, Lilly conjures music that’s complex and catchy – think geometry, double-dutch, and animated spin art.

Obi Best’s debut album due for release August 25th is a rich tapestry of piano, airy electronica, refined rock and panoramic beats deftly punctuated by bells and chirps and otherworldly sounds. Ranging from melodic and ethereal to rollicking and fun, the album inhabits a universe where fantasy and reality live side by side; here, Tokyo lies just around the block from Stockholm, youth and wisdom hold hands, magic seems to grow on trees. -Social Science Recordings

Well whether it be Colorforms, Obi Best or The Bird and the Bee (another Alex Lilly project) Alex Lilly is the common link throughout. I'm now content to just be a fan of hers until I'm clear on exactly what she's working on at the moment. Well I know that Obi Best's CD is set for release in January and a video of "It's Because Of People Like You" will be released sometime next week. However, I'm not clear on whether or not Alex Lilly is still singing back up for The Bird and the Bee.

Here's a video of my favorite Alex Lilly song, well Colorforms:
Colorforms "Nothing Can Come Between Us"

One noticeable difference between the groups is Babs, the drummer for Obi Best. She's quite hilarious and has her own Vlog series on Youtube. A "internet friend" of mine turned me on to the vlogs, as well as Obi Best:-) Thank You Kelsey!!!! This post's for you!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shit Recently Placed On My Phone (which holds more than your ipod)!!!

After weeks of stress and other causes of insanity, I've found something inspiring to blog about: New Music!!!! Ok not really new music but music that's new to me and that you probably don't know about either so...yeah.

I had three people I wanted to focus on today. I debated on whether or not I should have three different posts...but I'm feeling a bit tired so I think I'll out do myself here with length and just make this one big ass post!:-)

The first person I want to talk about is L.P. L.P. is a singer based in New York. You might already know of her music and just be unaware of it like I was. If you watch "South of Nowhere" my friend then you know her, she sings the theme song...or rather her song is played as the theme. What's funny is I just recently downloaded that song by mistake cause someone had it listed as a Tegan & Sara song and I was like "wtf" this doesn't sound like T&S!!! lol Gotta love limewire:-P She's openly gay- guys I swear I didn't know that before I started listening to her! I'm just that gay! It's like the universe pulls me in these really homosexual directions: gay movies, gay actresses, gay singers, gay bands. I just stumble upon this shit! Anywho!She's got that androgyny thing that's really sexy in a female but is SUPER sexy in a female musician. She looks ALOT younger than she is too, which I can empathize with of course...she probably doesn't get the respect she deserves right of the bat. She has a really strong voice, it's heart-breaking. So far my favorite song by her is "Cling To Me" which you can her about 30sec of on her video for "Good With You", also an amazing track. She delivers unique vocals, seemingly very difficult to perform live, but that isn't so. She's an amazing live artist as well. She's very funny, witty and kinda sarcastic (I should ask her out). And she dares to have a style reminiscent of Alice Cooper but makes it really really hott.
Here's the video for "Good With You", trust, you will thank me for this:
L.P. "Good With You/Cling To Me" video

Next up, we have Uh Huh Her, which isn't new, but their CD is FINALLY about to come out next Tuesday! And what better time than right now for the label to FINALLY release a video. It's big production ya'll lol. I don't even have much to say on this note...I talk about them alot(not necessarily on here), if you don't got it by now, baby forget it! But if you need more convincing here's the video for "Not A Love Song"....I wouldn't be surprised if they opened up for T&S, that's all I'm gonna say...there are things that make me think that's going to happen shhh

And third The Veronicas!!! Yeah I actually don't have much to say about them except their twins and they make really catchy pop/(very little)rock music and I'm OBSESSED with their latest single "Untouched" and wanted to share it with you guys. Yes they're twins but don't worry they have nothing on T&S...except sexy Australian accents *swoon*. But you can't hear that when they sing so meh!