Thursday, August 28, 2008

YAY! For a GAY Veronica!!!!

So this is a guilty pleasure post! It's not really about much just the new video for The Veronicas' new single "Take Me On The Floor"! I thought I'd have it on my site before the FCC deems it "too hot for tv"!!! Jess is the not-so-open-yet-not-closeted bi-sexual sister in the band who's dating an Austrailian MTV VJ:-) I like the fact that she hasn't been all "Yes I'm gay" or "I'm bi" I mean if you don't have to declare it then that means it's not a big deal...and I'm really tired of homosexuality being a big deal! Like being black is becoming less of a big deal. If these things are not a big deal then they are just normal and we are just equal....enought of that, heres the sexy video!!!!!


Firebolt said...

Hot! Lol!

Thanks for checking my article out. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was wondering how you added all the nifty extras to your blog. Like Imeem songs and AfterEllen Vids.