Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everything You Need to Know: Now, Now Every Children

by Maya Powell

I first heard Now, Now Every Children on a Monday. And a depressing one too. It was the beginning of October, which by Minnesota standards is the dead of winter. I wish I could remember who recommended them to me, but i’m stuck thinking it was some generous higher power. The first track I played was ‘We Know Martha Webber’, the third track off of their 2008 album Cars. Instantly entranced by lead singer Cacie Dalager’s soft yet potent voice and drummer Bradley’s delicate yet complex beats, I left my October-blues behind and executed an odd assortment of air-drumming, head banging, and jumping on my bedroom floor. I was, what many NNEC fans may admit to being, an instant super fan.

Almost as fast as the 2 minute 48 second song starts as a calm indie tune and escalades into a thunderous rush of synths, guitars, and cymbals, I entered the online world of NNEC. After tweeting, friending, and watching all the youtube videos I could get my paws on, I came to two very satisfying conclusions:

1. They are funny.

2. They are from Minnesota.

Funny is a very important part in liking a band for me. It’s a connection that a band creates that makes me want to buy the concert ticket just as much as the music does. I like watching 30-second videos of my favorite bands doing karaoke to 80’s hits in the van on their way to their next gig. And I appreciate the tweets that simply say “Shitballs.” NNEC, fully immersed in the interwebs via twitter, youtube, tumblr, stickam, and more, thoroughly filled my comedy quota. Complimentary to the humor is the fact that they are local. By default, I like bands a gazillion times more if they are local because I like to support the amazing music scene that has come through in Minneapolis. So to recap, crazy good music plus good humor with the fans plus local equals NNEC.

Now, Now Every Children - Friends With My Sister from Brandon Chesbro on Vimeo.

NNEC definitely has a ‘sound’, although I’m not sure that my mediocre vocabulary could find the words to do it just. Here’s my attempt: NNEC constructs synth based songs that start soft and escalade into full out guitar jams, then wind down into gentle outros that force you to click the repeat button. Cacie sings vocals that sound so frank and sincere you almost feel like you’re sitting in a room adjacent to her, listening to her write the song. Her slightly distorted guitar riffs make even the most casual listener wonder ‘why DON’T I play the guitar?’ Bradley creates intense, syncopated rhythms, clashing with the melody and chords to make a sound that is so powerful and different from rock music today. Touring band Britty, Christine, and Jess make their songs sound full and forceful live, compelling even the most apprehensive concertgoer to awkwardly sway with the person next to them. My favorite song, ‘Headlights’, off of Cars, is the kind of song that I listen to everywhere. I sit on my bed lip-synching to it. I get strange looks from people at lunch when I can’t help but shuffle my feet to it’s radiating beat. I get disapproving comments from my chiropractor when trying to explain that I strained my neck head banging to the half-time climax of the song.

The accumulation of all of these elements makes Now, Now Every Children my favorite band- The inspiring melodies, witty charm, and blatant hipster appearance are the grounds of my, and many other fans', tremendous love for Now, Now Every Children.


2. We Know Martha Webber
3. Everyone You Know
4. Headlights
5. Have You Tried
6. Holiday, Birthday Funeral
7. Friends With My Sister
8. In My Chest
9. In The City
10. Little Brother

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