Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sainthood: Mass Review


Jaime said...

first comment! (i never get to say that. ;) nice job, janay! i think this was a really awesome, unique idea, and gave people a lot to think about... and cool to read fans put it into words other than "OMG I F****** LOVE SAINTHOOD!!!!" (okay, they don't all sound like that. okay, yes they do.) anyway, it was fun to get to be on the other side of the proverbial page and get to be the one writing the album (in a much more mature and insightful way than most reviewers and interviewers usually do, IMHO).

anyway, great job janay, you're my hero (and sometimes my savior ;) and i was glad you waited for me to bang something out before putting this up. much love. :)

~jaime (aka wojo4hitz ;)

Jaime said...

*writing ABOUT the album. yep.

Anonymous said...

well done. what a great range of responses to some incredible questions. nice work. :)


yMarie said...

So well done Janay! I've seriously been looking forward to this, too, when you brought up the whole idea. I loved the entire read. I loved reading what everyone else had to say about the record. There's nothing I enjoy more than meeting T&S fans and hearing how passionate they are about their music, too. So this was just a big treat for me.

Thanks for doing this Janay.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading the review...and I agree with Jaime, it's nice to read something more developed than "OMG! THIS ALBUM IS SOOOO GOOD". You had a great idea by doing this mass review
Good job :)