Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kaki Is King...No, Really

When I say "Kaki Is King" it sounds cheesy as hell. But what I mean by that is she's mastered her craft. In fact, she's mastered a few. The one time professional drummer has since mastered her now signature finger-picking technique, lap steel and from what I hear on 'Junior' has truly taken control of her vocal ability. A King shows no fear and clearly neither did Kaki during production of this record. There's the pop goodness of "Spit It Back In My Mouth" and "My Communist Friends" and "Death Head", my personal favorite, brings to mind the complicated yet rhythmic riffing of Carrie Brownstein (and you KNOW how I feel about HER). Then there's the genius pop/rock blend of "Falling Day", the first single, in which many parts are repetitive and catchy and worthy of a sing-along, it's a hit (and she didn't even use autotune)! Only a fearless leader of a composer would dare put these songs on the same record as the heart wrenching "My Nerves That Committed Suicide" and the haunting "Hallucinations From My Poisonous German Streets".

The only King worth serving is one who is brave enough to bare their scars such as Kaki does on "Sunnyside", a weeping yet angry tale of heartache and abandonment. Don't ever put this record on 'shuffle', it cheapens the experience. This is a novel meant to be read in order of chapter or it won't feel right at all.

I repeat, Kaki Is King!

"Falling Day" day live! Footage from "CrazyBen1969, my "go to" channel for live Kaki footage during her European tour!