Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming Soon To An Ipod Near You!!!

So everyone's favorite people Tegan & Sara are gearing up for an October release of their, yet to be titled (well to us), highly anticipated 6th studio record. Fans are resting easy after Sara Quin reassured fans that it's going to be the type of record that "Tegan & Sara fans would like" recently at a Seattle show. Of course because I'm complicated like this, I sort of took this as a warning. What did that statement mean? Does that mean that no risks were taken? That this will sound like So Jealous? I mean I have no big complaints either way....I just don't like when artists get so comfortable with what they've done they're are no longer motivated to try something new.
I quickly got over my fears when I thought about "Floorplan" and "Are You Ten Years Ago?" from The Con. I thought about how different those songs were from "We Didn't Do It", Walking With A Ghost" and "You Wouldn't Like Me" from So Jealous. Furthermore how both records were drastically different from the first three!
So I came to the conclusion that, as usual, Sara Quin was just fucking with us!

Other favorites of mine in the studio are AFI and Uh Huh Her, looking foward to new material from them. Rachael Cantu, somehow still unsigned(after having her music played in Private Practice and opening for B.B King & Pat Benatar!) , is releasing a new record soon, date yet to be announced.

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