Monday, July 6, 2009


So how does my computer/ipod/hard drives get full? Well it's my pattern. Discover a band, research the band, check out each member's other or previous bands. Chances are if you like what someone is doing now, you'll like what they were doing then. This has been the outcome for me anyway. And An Horse is no exception. Kate and Damon both were in successful bands before forming An Horse. Kate's band was called Iron On, more on them when I find out more. Damon's was called Intercooler (clever). I immediately fell in love with these guys. So much so that I'm kinda sad they're not together, in spite of my love for An Horse.
I strongly suggest you check out Intercooler's discography, I did! And they were pretty damn good! Here's some stuff to get you started:
My personal favorite!:

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