Friday, July 24, 2009

Christian Rock And It's Universal Appeal

Now I've never been very religious. In fact, the next time I find myself in a church, it will probably be at my funeral, in which case, I still won't be finding myself there. But I'll still be there, are you happy mom!?
Sorry, um...yes yes music.
Growing up it was very clear religion, church and all that wasn't my thing. But also very clear that music was. My mother even bargained with me on this issue. I would get excited about a record and she could see I'd do anything to get it. So of course she gets the bright idea to force me to buy a "gospel CD" before buying my devil CD.
When my mother says "gospel music" she means Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, John P. Kee etc. Basically go duplicate her music collection. I knew that everyone that went to church couldn't possibly be into the same kind of music so I did some research and stumbled upon "Contemporary Christian Rock", take that mom! I wanted a Finger Eleven CD, so before I could get it, I purchased a P.O.D CD. I continued this pattern for the rest of my years at home. All of it was rock to me, christian or otherwise, it sounded the same.
So in the end we both got what we wanted. However, a year later I told my mom I was gay so my music taste was the least of her child-burning-in-hell worries.
Even now I LOVE "christian rock", but not for religion, I just love the music and I don't even relate much to the Christian aspects of it. The lyrics are universal. It's similar to when gay artist play the "pronoun game" and they don't use words like "her" or "him" in their music, to make it universally relatable. All the Christian rock bands I listen to now never use the words "Jesus", "God", "holy", "church" or anything that would pull attention away from the whole message of the song and directly towards religion.
In doing this these bands have managed to blend in with pop culture, basically spreading the same message as most bands. All the basic emotions are still in their music; anger, pain, and sadness. There might just be more than one song on their records about hope, love, and inspiration. Instead of giving some long list in print, I'll just go ahead and list some of my contemporary favorites, starting with my favorite: Thousand Foot Krutch!!!

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