Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feel It In My HEAD: The Good, The Bad...The Tegan, The Sara & The Tiesto

The Good:

Well "Feel It In My Bones" started streaming on yesterday. You can imagine the excitement this sparked among the TnS fan community who has been eagerly, and not so patiently waiting on new material from the band.
And this also was a big deal for any fan of Tiesto who loved his remix of Tegan & Sara's "Back In Your Head". I've watched a few Youtube videos of Tiesto spinning his remix of the hit and from what I can tell, the remixed track has a hell of a lot of fans. The mix itself I think made a lot of people wonder what Sara would sound like if she actually did a techno track, some might even say her voice was made for such a genre-I wouldn't, some might (some have).
After hearing (obsessively listening to...whatever you like to do...) The Con, Tegan & Sara's 2007 release, it was obvious some experimentation was done with the production. The main experimental element had to be the multiple keyboard tracks. Cranking the pop up multiple levels. Even with this somewhat new sound being widely accepted by fans, no one wants a Tegan & Sara Techno record. So, how do we hear a Tegan & Sara techno song-just one!?
Well my friends, all we needed was for Tiesto to come out with another record and ask TnS to be on it. Being the control freaks they are and knowing what they can do with their voices and with their writing they probably suggested that THEY write the song.
And the end result is amazing, as many of us knew it would be. Sara's voice is just perfect on the track! She shines, and the lyrics are 100% Tegan (...I take my heart out of my chest I just don't need it anymore...) and 100% Sara (what rushes into my heart and my skull)! What I mean is Sara's lyrics are always a bit strange, yet awesome! And Tegan's lyrics are always simply heartbreaking, yet awesome! And the vocal collaboration between Tegan & Sara themselves is unlike anything they've ever released, it's also something fans have been waiting for them to do. So overall, the song would appear to be a win; for us, for Tegan & Sara, and for Tiesto.

The Bad:
The dark clouds mostly form over on Where lots of people seem to not only dislike the song, but also seem to dislike Tegan & Sara and Tiesto. Which begs the question: Why would one click a link with the words "Tegan and Sara" and "Tiesto" in it if they in fact do not care for these artists? I don't know what the answer could be other than: They don't like Tegan & Sara but they like to argue and debate. And well, they got what they wanted, I myself have taken part in some debate on the site. But I felt I had no choice things where being said about my girls that just were not true.
One that really got me heated was comments saying that they had "PR agents". One individual even going as far as to say that they were commenting under aliases just to fuel the arguments and debates. This is a lie but what's really outrageous is that this song is not Tegan & Sara's nor is it for ANY of their records, including their upcoming record Sainthood. As explained in a video posted on the band's website, the song is a song they wrote with Tiesto a year ago exclusively for his record, Kaleidoscope. The song is also NOT a remix of a Tegan & Sara song. That's actually the only thing I'm going to touch on regarding the negativity.
If someone doesn't like the song, that's fine. There will NEVER be a piece of music that everyone agrees on! NEVER! No one should ever tell anyone that they are wrong for liking or not liking something.

That Is All! End Rant!

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yMarie said...

2 things.

1. I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard about T&S collaborating with Tiesto. A huge part of me was hoping that my girls would at least write the lyrics. Because they're lyrical geniuses and what they sing always hits a spot with me. (especially skq). With that being said, I'm crazy about the song. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. I think that part of the craze is that we're all so anxious and excited for new T&S material. And this was a perfect 'fix'. You're entirely right about how you can distinguish the lyrics. Tegan is very straight forward and has very heartbreaking lyrics. Then there's Sara, who's lyrics I just die for. You kinda have to pick them apart and figure them out. They're beautiful and heartfelt. I'm SOSO happy with the song. So happy with T&S and Tiesto.

2. I couldn't believe what was happening on Personally I just feel that people who are more into mainstream music can't appreciate indie artists. The things that were being said were absurd. And I just hope that if either Tegan or Sara read that, they know that their fans are definitely happy with them and way above what those people online were saying.

Great post. Very great read :)