Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Internet Compensation

I'm not going to go on a long rant about lesbians/bisexuals not being represented in the media, mainly because I strongly feel Sarah Warn has taken care of that. But I do feel like lesbians are the dirty little secret of the media. Only being able to show ourselves through the world of "www dot". Like we're well hidden. We're not on Gossip Girl, 90210, or Private Practice, o no! We're not obvious, we're tucked away. We have to be scoped out manually through laptops, desktops and iphones. We have to be searched. We have to be downloaded. We have to be written in shows created by us and for us. We don't stream in the mainstream, we stream over the web in streaming video.

It's a small world but at least it's ours. We've claimed it, and Afterellen is our kingdom, with more lesbian media in one place than probably any other website has "straight" media. I mean props to AE right, have you checked the "video" section? But it's sad because straight people aren't going to look for us there or on any other website, which is why we're not seen in the media cause everything about us apparently remains foreign to them.

So now what? We just have to remain content with cyber visibility? Perhaps, here are some of my favorites:

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