Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Screamo: Let It OUT!!!

Growing up on RnB and Soul/Neo-Soul did have some effect on the way in which I receive music. When I fell in love with Rock music my freshman year I leaned towards the bands which had lead singers I considered to have powerful/soulful voices. This lead me to a lot of Nickelback (seriously don't get why everyone hates them all of a sudden), Chris Cornell, Silverchair, Extreme....long long list. Like most I eventually fell head over heels in love with Linkin Park. Didn't take much to realize that Chester Bennington had his own way of expressing himself through screams of pain and anger. I got it, I understood it. But I still would relate screaming to Metal or Punk. I thought there's no way I could tolerate that through a whole track, record, concert whatever the case may be.

Only recently, in the last 4 years, have I come to appreciate what is commonly referred to as "screamo" music. It started when I basically just got into heavier music that consisted of "screamo" from time to time. I adapted a "taking the good with the bad" attitude about it at first, cause heavy rock doesn't consist solely of screaming and yelling, only on the most angry and painful tracks.

I started to hear this differently over time. I think at first it came of as obnoxious to me. I thought "why ruin a good song with all that?". I find that so funny now cause I LOVE it now! Cause I get it. It is a way to express an emotion. As far as our voices are concerned the height in which we can express an emotion IS by screaming or yelling. I'm sure you've all had enough arguments to know this is true. So since I need every aspect of human life in my music, well I eventually came around to this concept. So I wanted to share some of my favorite bands and songs that turned things around for me.

O btw that's Brody Dalle, lead singer of The Distillers pictured above, I think I just wanted to look at her while I typed.

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