Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aisha Tyler: LMAO, Indeed I Am

Today's discussion: Longevity.

What does it take to successfully work in Hollywood for over ten years?

Well if I'm going to use Aisha Tyler as an example...yeah I am cause this post is about her, I would say: Determination, persistence, intelligence, toothbrush, clean underwear.....o shit...wrong list...

People in the Twitterverse know that I'm a huge fan of this woman. However neither them or this woman, know why exactly.

I was an awkward kid. I didn't have many real friends. Not many things made me laugh (in a non-fake way), then I turned it to Talk Soup one day. And there she was, Aisha Tyler, and she never left! After that, I saw her everywhere! It's like she was a part my life after that. I would be watching a movie or TV show and she would pop up, and I would be taken back to that horrible day she turned around for me when I discovered her on Talk Soup.

She doesn't know me, but I relate to her in many ways. Most ways I weren't aware of until I watched her video/intro to her comedy special on Comedy Central, "Nowassitall". Other than not having any ass, I also CONSTANTLY took shit for "talking like a white girl", whatever the fuck that means. And unlike Tyler who was the tallest person on the playground, I was and still am, the shortest, so I've had some height issues as well.

Ok all the mushy shit aside. She's fucking cool as hell dude! I often feel out of place being the only black person I know in real life that listens to rock music. She listens to Eagles of Death Metal and shit like that, she's my fucking idol (MAYBE second to Carrie Brownstein, that's pretty damn good!)! She's brilliant! She graduated from Dartmouth which isn't surprising if you saw her win Celebrity Jeopardy. And she's SUCH a dork (don't tell her I said that)! No really she uses words like "neato" and is obsessed with video games, specifically Halo.

She's written a short film, and a book. She's just awesome dude. She's super nice and very down to earth and obviously here to stay! I strongly suggest you follow on Twitter and if you wanna see some funny check out her Myspace

And YES YES OMG YES ok she is "the black chick from Friends" ...she's so much more! lol

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