Monday, September 15, 2008

Tegan Calls It Off, and Sara Wraps It Up!!!

Aghhhh!!!!! It's finally here the much anticipated 3rd and final video release from Tegan & Sara's fifth studio album, The Con!!! I won't lie and say I'm particularly happy with this song being the last single. You guys that have been reading know I was really hoping for "Nineteen" and I completely get the "winter ballad" thing! So I would've even rather they released "Dark Come Soon". But I'm just one person, everyone seems to LOVE this track. Including smart music supervisors on shows such as Grey's Anatomy and The Hills, who have included the song in their shows. But I love the video, such a simple concept! If it was too "big production" it would've been really stupid cause it probably wouldn't have had anything to do with the song.

And I swear to Buddah if somebody comments about my future ex-wife with all that "I wanna be good at Sara" or "I could be something Sara could be good at" or something to that effect....I'll do absolutely nothing!!! YEAH!!!

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