Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sick of Sarah!!!

Sick of Sarah is a pop/rock/punk-ish band based out of Minnesota (finally Mid-West represent bitch!!!). The band consists of:
Abisha Uhl: vocals & rhythm guitar Katie Murphy: guitar, vocals Jessie Farmer: guitar, vocals Brooke Svanes: drums Jamie Holm: bass, vocals

Jamie is the newest addition to the band, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the chemistry she has with the other members. Who are all hilarious by the way. If you love watching ridiculous Tegan & Sara stuff you'll love them, their "behind the scenes" stuff involves cigarettes and alcohol so...I can relate a little better! Tracks to check out, "Not Listening" and "Mr. Incredible".
This is Mr. Incredible....with pictures;-) oooo

O! One thing I forgot to mention, they're a queer band!!! I know, you knew it was coming!!!
And this is "Not Listening" LOVE THIS SONG!!!It's the theme song to Brunch With Bridget!!!

Fun times in the studio!!!:-)

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