Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"No ON 8!!!" It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon!!!

I had to come out of hibernation in light of the election. Obama winning, GOOD! Prop 8 being passed, BAD! That pretty much sums up the key points of the election lol. Our conservative country really contradicted itself this Tuesday, hiring a liberal democrat and yet passing all these gross conservative propositions. Prop 8 wasn't the only ridiculous proposition passed, Arkansas also made it officially illegal for homosexual couples to adopt children (well any unmarried couple, still a direct stab at homosexuals). Lot's of noise has since been made by the ever so outspoken gay community in California, back to back rally/march/protests have taken place since the passing of Prop 8. One of the many celesbian supporters attending the rallies has been the also VERY outspoken Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara (like you didn't know)

Pictured above with Liz Feldman

Cathy Debuono and Jill Bennett

Things are getting better although it may not seem like it. The thing is, we only lost this battle by 5%! That's alot closer than I thought it would be, and I'm sure alot of you might feel the same. We have a gay friendly President so, lets hope this isn't the last step towards changing our country, lets hope this is just the first.
I don't have much else to say on the matter as SO many people have summed it up for me! I'll leave with one such person, a Mr. Keith Olbermann, if I were emotional at all...he would've brought me to tears

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dolop said...

hi jusjay, i don't know where should i reply for ur comment in my blog!
but i've just got confirmation from friend, and i think you were right..
we still have no idea when it will happen..
but soon hopefully <3
and yeah, i love liz...
and kate, and uhh..
but most of all, i love tegan and sara
by the way, so u're the one who said "win".. hahaha
thanks 4 ur information though
liz feldman nextweek