Friday, May 1, 2009

Ok Hiatus-Over! Newest Obsession: Sleater-Kinney

Sleater-Kinney is ...was one of the best rock bands in the world! Period! They were not "the best gay rock band" or "the best female rock band", they didn't belong in boxes, not even ones fans attempted to place them in. They formed in 1994, and released their debut, self-titled album, Sleater-Kinney, in 1995. They came to us sort of towards the end of the uber famous "Riot Grrrl Movement". Like most bands at that time, their influences included Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill.
The first and second discs from the band, Sleater-Kinney and Call The Doctor, respectively, are pretty punk. But once we get into the 3rd cd of the 7cd discography, things start to change, tracks on Dig Me Out have a hint of pop, and just a dash of classic rock, it was the beginning of the classic rock/punk fusion that became S-K's truly signature sound. 
The last record, The Woods, is the perfect commencment to their career. Some fans didn't "get it" and this is where we get into the "fans putting their favorite bands in a box" thing. Sleater-Kinney is categorized as a punk band. I'd have to disagree I feel like once you cover different subgenres of Rock you can call yourself a "Rock" band! If you took a day out to listen to all 7 Sleater-Kinney records you would see the careful gradual steps from Punk to Classic Rock taken by the band. Every record put out by Sleater-Kinney sounds like was supposed to be the next record put out by Sleater-Kinney. It feels natural. I doesn't feel forced, the last record didn't feel like a legendary band wanted to "see if they still had it". The last record felt like "this is it, finally". 
This of course is a bittersweet discovery for all who feel this way about the record  because it was infact, the last step. 

On August 12, 2006 Sleater-Kinney played their last show ever at the Crystal Ballroom in their hometown of Portland, OR. They are on an indefinite hiatus. Carrie's spoken on it a few times since giving very little (but some) hope for a reunion or as she'd rather call it if it happens "the end of the hiatus".

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