Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T & S Forever!!!!

I'm in love with two people, Tegan & Sara! Who isn't right? Actually I've always liked them, but I didn't love them...until a few days ago. A while ago they were mentioned Cathy Debuono's WYP and were said to be gay. This of course peaked my interest, especially considering they are identical twins. So initially my research (and they're SO open about their sexuality that it didn't take much) was just to find out if this was true. Along the way I discovered geniuses! As a true music fan one thing you need to see before you die is "The Con" dvd/documentary, as a music lover getting inside T & S's head was such a revealation. I mean watching them put each song together layer by layer, in EXTREME detail was unlike anything I'd seen before. They are in this CD, it's not some studio job, where they handed over the demos and just let go. In fact, the first thing you find out is that the tracks on the CD are SUPER tweaked demos that the girls had already put together. They just added the guitars, keyboards, and vocals first. Then took it to the producer and the drummer (both members of Death Cab for Cutie) to really make these tracks come to life. And on a side note: SUCH a turn on watching Tegan play some raw guitar lol. They're both professionals on the keyboard and the guitar. Tegan drums a little but it definitely isn't her strongest skill lol.

But it's not all about "The Con", actually I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Con is their 5th record. Which means I've got a lot more T & S coming my way. Now I'm not an idiot, I was very much a fan by time "So Jealous" came out but I just liked the singles, but for some reason was never motivated to buy the CD. So this is the very beginning of my Tegan & Sara journey back in time (The Con came out over a year ago), I've got a long ways back to go. I just caught a rarity on youtube a song from a really old cd called "The First" well the CD is called "The Business of Art" and it's unlike anything I've EVER heard by T & S! Tegan, whose voice is the more high pitched between the two, leads this track with a rough hip-hop/r&b vocal that I didn't even know she was capable of. The funny thing about the video is I'm sure when people saw it, they assumed they were gay cause they look like little boys, but I don't care. When it comes to rockstars they do all sorts of weird things with their appearance that has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It's just an artist's need to be different from the pack. This theory is supported by the fact that this vid is like 6 years old and the girls have since had a more feminine appeal. As of late they have blended with their signature mullet, that NO ONE else can copy, cause they would look ridiculous, where as T & S look sexy. Here's the old vid, that everyone should check out, especially if you're some one who thought that all they could do was poppy high-pitched vocals....YOU'RE DEAD WRONG!!!!

In true "Then & Now", "Before & After" fashion I will put a video from the latest CD on here, but I have to give a little info first. Nothing much just some stand out tracks. My fave of the 14 on the disc are: The Con, Like O Like H, Knife Going In, Floorplan, Call It Off, Nineteen, Are You Ten Years Ago. And damn that's half the CD, the other tracks are great too, but the ones I listed are on repeat on my computer right now! So in conclusion Tegan & Sara are sexy and successful and musical geniuses! How successful, well I didn't check out the numbers for this disc yet, but "So Jealous" was one of the best selling CDs of 2004 when it was released. Not to mention you've heard their songs on every major mainstream primetime show...and more than a few movies! Making them industry favorites, and respected among their peers. So here's the video for "The Con", probably my favorite song by them, and I'm REALLY pissed this wasn't the first single!

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