Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Cliks!!!!!!!

The Cliks! I'm excited! Are you? If you're a dyke you are cause you've heard their music now, officially on EVERY major lezzy show there is: Exes & Ohs, The L Word, and most recently Gimme Sugar. The whole band is made up of lesbians except Lucas who is a transman, and a gorgeous one at that. His (and for you straight people who don't get how this works, Lucas was born a female but never felt like one so she transitioned and is now a man)voice is AMAZING! I've never heard a voice a raw and raspy as his that was able to go so high. On their most popular cut "Oh Yeah" Lucas' voice is so painful and you feel his fury in the verses but then the pre-chorus is so light and his voice lifts and it's some vulnerability there that you weren't expecting. Then there's sexually charged (if only by the video) "Eyes In The Back of My Head" and he's whispering to you through the verses and then the chorus is like a chant, very engaging. Now "Complicated" is the most revealing of the three I think. And if you watch the video you kinda see why, I think this one really mirrors Lucas' pain and confusion about the his gender and what that pain was like. So here it is, the video for the three songs:
Oh Yeah


Eyes In The Back of My Head

And a special treat: Cry Me A River & Irreplacable

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