Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stax Hungry

So these interesting looking guys to the left are "Stax Hungry", pretty clever, dare i say it, hip-hop. But the sound is hardcore. I love the melody and I mean these guys can really shredd! The vocals are bit too hardcore for me but if your into punk/metal the 4 tracks on the Stax Hungry Myspace page are for you. They remind me of Rage Against the Machine but if the lead singer of Rage had a deeper voice.

I'm pretty new to Stax myself so I'm gonna hit cha with their about me section for their myspace:

Formed originally under the name Cracker Jack and the White Chocolates, Stax hungry brings thought provoking, conscious lyrics and blends them with high impact rock melodies. Stax Hungry, est. 2005, has been the at the forefront of the "funcore" movement and has had the pleasure of performing with well know bands such as- The Burning Cacti, Jefferson Golfcart, Awesome Core, Pauly Tomale and the magnets, Dog Latin, and From the Future. There is far more to come from Stax Hungry as they are preparing for the release of their first album (not yet titled) for the summer of 2008. Be prepared to enjoy yourself to death.

So check it out and judge for yourself, out of the 4 tracks on their Myspace page my favorite is "Blink Yellow", just because of the first minute or so alone, the music is on point, so here's a link to their Myspace:

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They call me "Opti" said...

Hi. Lead singer of what used to be Stax Hungry. Who are youuuu?? I'm just reading this for the first time today & I'd like to say thank you.