Monday, September 20, 2010

Use Your Imagination: Dream Cover Record

Let's pretend we live in a world where I get what I want all the time.

Got it?

Good, now one of the things I want is my very on cover compilation record. NO not people covering all my songs (oh hey Steel Train), I have none, but artists I love covering songs I love by other artists I love. I tweet about this all the time. I can't help it. I can't help that I fall in love with a song and often wonder what it would sound like interpreted by another artist whose ideas I usually like.

This would be the 16tk-tracklist of said imaginary cover compilation record. This is only put together in my mind by artists I've been listening to lately which is why the same names appear all over the place. I could do this every few months with dozens of bands really. But let's focus:

Covered by: Tegan & Sara

Covered by: Holly Miranda

Covered by: Fences

Covered by: Steel Train

Covered by: Against Me!

Covered by: First Aid Kit

Covered by: The Gaslight Anthem

Covered by: An Horse

Covered by: Sleater-Kinney

Covered by: Paramore (Hayley's voice here...think about it)

Covered by: Kaki King

Covered by: Dallas Green (tell me that that's not epic)

Covered by: Sara Bareilles

Covered by: St. Vincent (oh she would make it so much cooler!)

Covered by: Metric (perhaps my best idea yet)

Covered by: Lucas Silveira (so determined to get Lucas to cover Dallas)

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