Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Discussion: Vanity Theft

Damn, I love blogging this week!

Vanity Theft is an indie-pop (this is what I hear, labeling is never my thing...listen for yourself) band out of Ohio. They're currently signed to Adamant Records. I just wanted to give a little introduction to my few faithful readers cause this band has really been impressing me lately.

I'll admit I initially checked them out because of their connection to Sick of Sarah, whom you all know by now. Given they're label-mates of that band I was hoping I would like their material. I did. So far I'm liking the new material even more. I loved bobbing my head to "Where's The Action?" but more than that I'm loving the chorus on "Anatomy". The bass is smooth and prominent, the drums are upbeat and the vocals just flow. You have to sing along, it's an irresistible combination.

That smooth bass is delivered by new band member, Lalaine Vergara-Paras. YES, she's who you think she is, moving on.

One thing that still holds my attention is Vanity Theft's snappy lyrics. Every song has me hearing a hallelujah chorus of "BURN!" in my head. This was true with Postscript: Pace Yourself and still is with new tracks from The Anatomy EP.

Speaking of snappy lyrics and that new EP, here's a new video/song from it called "Limb From Limb". The song is catchy but not sickeningly so. It's cool. It's a fist air-pump kind of catchy, not a sway catchy. What's the difference? If you have to ask, clearly you need to go to more concerts. Alicia's voice is sensual, she sounds angry on this song. It's a bit darker than the first single, "Anatomy". Darker is better my friend, always.

And again, Lalaine, with the bass! Seriously, my main complaint is always "Where's the bass?", "I can't hear the bass"- NOT an issue here folks, not at all!

Impressive track. And Shane Nelson proves yet again he knows how to make a good video with simple concepts.

It's likely this track will never get the attention it deserves. The indie scene is as competitive as ever, and there's lots of stuff getting thrown at us these days. But don't let the gems pass you by homies.


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