Friday, June 18, 2010

Sick of Sarah Unveils '2205'

Sick of Sarah has released the title and tracklisting of their new record. The new record will be called 2205, which every Sick of Sarah fan will find adorably sentimental.

And the tracks:

1. Overexposure
2. Simple Parts
3. Giving Up
4. Kick Back
5. Cigarettes
6. Kiss Me
7. One Night Stand
8. Shattered
9. Autograph
10. El Paso Blue
Only 10 tracks??? Yeah I know bummer right? Well, the beauty in that is, as with most indie bands SoS tends to release EPs every once in a while and they seem to always be writing so think of it as just more to look forward to; B-sides baby! Also four of the tracks you already know ("Simple Parts", "Kick Back", "Kiss Me", "Autograph") and I'm pretty sure you can hear some of "Cigarettes" and "Overexposure" in the band's latest "Making of the Album" upload on Youtube. Apparently some material was written over the time spent in the studio in El Paso, TX where the girls recorded. With this in mind I'm guessing "El Paso Blue" is about baby raccoons. No but seriously, there should at least be baby raccoons on the cover.

The band has been speaking on the album being darker, less poppy this time around since the demoing phase. From what I can tell, they're delivering on that. And I don't think that means we'll be singing along any less or that the songs will be less catchy. I just think this means less upbeat with more(complex)structure. Release date yet to be...released.

The first "single" (cause I don't know how seriously indie bands take that word) off the new record will be "Overexposure". Abisha (lead singer) tweeted that they plan to shoot the video for it next month. Also, having wrapped up the recording process I'm sure they'll be touring again soon, probably with Vanity Theft (that's just my guess). So lots to look forward to.

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