Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get Tegan & Sara On Canadian Radio & Don't Be So Canadian About It!

So tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow Tegan & Sara's first single off their upcoming, highly anticipated (as proven by a recent poll in which it beat out Weezer's Raditude for most anticipated October release...JUST saying...), record Sainthood, hits Canadian radio. The track is called "Hell" and is a guaranteed pop/rock hit. That is if it can get proper rotation.
The purpose of this is NOT to make TnS mainstream, simply to get good music on the radio, Tegan & Sara just so happen to fit the bill. So below I'm going to list some radio contact information for you guys to utilize in the never-ending fight to get Tegan & Sara what they deserve. But this isn't just for them, you should fight for other indie bands you love to get more air play too- I mean on one of these station's websites their flash was pictures of Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros and ANY of you even listen to these people!?

And you don't have to be Canadian to call and request or inquire about the song. Radio stations play a song based on how many requests they get for it, so keep that in mind.

89x (Windsor)

99.3 Fox (Vancouver)

Main Switchboard: 604-684-7221

100.3 The Q (Victoria)

Hot 103 (Winnipeg)
Studio: 204-788-WINS
Switchboard: 204-944-1031

Hot 89.9 (Ottawa)

91x (91.0?) (Ontario)

CJLX FM 92.3 (Ontario, Loyalist College/Community Radio)

And as a joke, maybe request "Hell" from Sainthood on
Life 100.3 Christian Radio (Ontario)

All anything ever takes is a little action. It's how everything came to be something.
(either I'm really deep or that made NO sense!)

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Firebolt said...

If I weren't almost out of cash, I would totally call up those stations long distance from India and request Hell. Even the Christian one, yes, for lulz. I listen neither to Ms Cyrus nor to the Jonas "Oh-we-are-purer-than-distilled-water" Brothers. Akon, rarely, if I'm out shopping and the shop is playing his songs.

And the last bit did make sense. (I think.)