Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tegan & Sara: One Month Away From Sainthood

Today I step outside myself to write this. You should do the same to read this. Why? Cause it's good practice for what you'll have to do to listen to the new tracks from Tegan & Sara. Pre-conceived notions and old impressions will do you no good and will probably leave you utterly confused.
Every record the band releases is an evolution of the previous record. So far Sainthood seems to be no different. Tegan & Sara recently premiered 6 of the songs at Rifflandia from the record, due out October 27.
Based solely on these 6 songs I'd actually have to say the evolution skipped a couple steps this time around-with GREAT results. I don't know yet if much is to be said for experimentation but one noticeable difference is lyrical content. Sara mentioned early on that she would not be writing about her loves and relationships but rather of those around her, including her mother's with her and Tegan's-at one point-distant father. Also 2 out of 3 of the new tracks Tegan performed from the record were about a harsh neighborhood in which she used to reside in Vancouver-lyrically, a very different direction for her.
Singles...hmm..which of these 6 songs could be played on the radio to the masses and motivate them to buy Sainthood??? I have NO idea. I really suck at this game. I mean we're talking about Hook Masters here...hell most of the new songs performed could do well. I tend to like my pop/rock more rock than pop so if I heard "Hell" or "The Ocean" on the radio I'd be an instant fan of this band. For those who love the pop "Alligator" or "On Directing" might seem like natural selections.
I have to admit though, the gem to me was "The Cure"! This track is SO big, so heavy. And the fact that it has such intense lyrics and ISN'T about love or longing like most Tegan tracks makes it that much more powerful. It reminded me of old rock songs from the 70's or 80's that I love and seem to hear in every movie. The ones too meaningful to let go or let fade over time. The classics. I think if TnS were a different kind of a rock band instead of a pop/rock (indie pop) band making "The Cure" a single would be a no brainer. Again...I suck at that, I don't really care I just want Sainthood!
Well I'm not going to hold you guys up for long. I just wanted to offer some early thoughts and opinions. After the release I'll be sure to return with more sarcasm, bigger words and EVEN MORE opinions.

People have been using my friend Jaime's footage without crediting her, I've never thought to do it cause I know everyone that reads this is aware of her and her footage. But from now on in case there's any confusion I will be crediting her. This video (if it's still here) is Jaime Wojodowski's (Wojo4hitz) IF it is gone, check out her channel and subscribe

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Anonymous said... has "Hell" being released on Oct 6th so I believe it will be the single